Time Zones

EXIF Date Changer
Rellik Software
EXIF Date Changer is a feature-rich tool for altering the EXIF data of your photographs. This utility...
...change the date and time information that's being stored ...files at the same time or other useful...
Absolute Time Server
FlexibleSoft Co.
Absolute Time Server is a full-fledged time server capable of running as a Windows service. It consists...
...a full-fledged time server capable of ...and performs various time synchronization tasks hidden...
Living Earth Desktop
GimmeGoody Software
Live view of Earth from the space right on your desktop. You can decorate your desktop easily with this little...
...on the map -Real time clouds -Day and ...in night areas) -Time Zones. Never call your international...
One desktop application that lets you choose from a wide variety of clock designs...
...to the selected time zone, as it automatically ...synchronizes the time with other SNTP...
Anuko World Clock
Anuko International Ltd.
Anuko World Clock replaces the regular system clock with several time zones of your choosing. You are getting...
...clock with several time zones of your choosing ...display of several time zones right there in...
1st Clock
Green Parrots Software
1st Clock is a comprehensive clock for your taskbar that shows the current time and date...
...that shows the current time and date, and ...the application offers many time server types to choose...
Talking Time Keeper
Talking Time Keeper is a Windows-based application. This program helps you synchronize...
...watch day and night time zones: the program show ...for instance). Talking Time Keeper comes with TTK...
Absolute Time Corrector
FlexibleSoft Co.
Absolute Time Corrector is a program that enables you to synchronize your PC’s...
...your PC’s time to the official time provided by ...or a local time server. Time can be synchronized on...
Chronos Clock
Rainbow Innovations
It is is a desktop clock capable of displaying multiple international clocks and timers. It also...
...includes alarm clocks, time sync, calendar and time converter. The...
EngNet Clocks
EngNet Clocks is a simple and handy application that allows you to have world time clocks on your desktop from the places you...
...an alarm for any time zone and also select the ...can see all the times zones you selected and enables...
World Time Map
World Time Map is an indispensable utility for everyone who deals with people...
...be aware of world time zone they are traveling ...are located in different time zones and want to know...
UTC Time Converter
UTC Time Converter is an international standard time (UTC) conversion software. It can...
...'s time zones, such as GMT time, MST time, EST time, PST...
Show Multiple Time Zone Clocks Software
This software offers a solution to users who want to work in an international...
...to keep track of time differences. The easy to ...up to six different time zones with clear labels and...
Goppie World Time
Goppie Inc.
Goppie World Time is a small Windows application to keep you informed of time in multiple time zones...
...informed of time in multiple time zones without ...display multiple times in different time...
Serial Timer USB
Hot Time Software
Save on water and power bills. Be able to fine tune the exact amount of time a solenoid...
...of timers. 24 channels/zones available. Access to ...24 hour cyclic timing range with day scheduling...

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